Our Charitable Endeavors

How we give back to the community

At Exhibit Systems, we believe it is our calling to give back to our community. It’s something we feel very strongly about and in fact it’s one of our Core Values. All our employees get involved when our Culture Committee starts on a new project.

We have an annual blood drive with the Blood Center of Wisconsin, food and clothing drives throughout the year, participate in CPR training and during Christmas season we adopt families to bring a little joy to their homes. New this year, we filled and sent boxes to men and women in the military and made charitable contributions to the Ronald McDonald House in our client’s names.

We’ve been given so much in our lifetime and when you look around and see others with fewer opportunities, it’s the only right thing to do. We try to support families, build our communities and help those in need.


Building our communities and establishing a pattern of giving back.


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