Areas of Excellence by Industry

Years of experience with a wide variety of customers

Exhibit Systems has been in the trade show business for over 24 years, and we’ve been working with a wide variety of clients throughout those years. That just naturally gives us plenty of experience in a lot of different industries. This experience gives us a very diverse skill set that is a valuable asset that benefits our clients.

Whether it’s dealing with heavy manufacturing equipment or setting up food demonstration areas, we’ve been there. Many of these industries have slight differences in their rules and regulations, and with our in-depth industry knowledge we’ve worked through them.

Areas of Excellence by Industry include the following…

Exhibit Systems is above and beyond their competitors and I have talked and met with the others. Some of them wouldn’t even follow up very well when I was just talking to them about them possibly providing services.
Michelle Dalton
RF Technologies

Food and Beverage Industry - learn more

Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage business is a huge industry that is going through many changes but at trade shows, the challenges are not that different from the past.

Manufacturing industry - learn more


The manufacturing industry puts on numerous trade shows throughout the year, showcasing new products and technologies.

Sports & Recreation Industry - learn more

Sports & Recreation

The sports and recreation business is a growing industry, with consumers enjoying sports and outdoor activities in huge numbers.

Health Care Industry - learn more


Every year, there are hundreds of healthcare trade shows and conventions across the globe, with thousands of companies exhibiting and hundreds of thousands attendees.


The constant change and continual industry updates requires the attendees to stay up to date with the new products and technologies.

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Professional Services

The Professional Services covers a very broad range and includes many business that serve these large and dynamic corporate sectors. From education to municipal building interiors to insurance companies, we support numerous types and sizes.


Creates marketing environments to help our clients connect with their customers.