Teknoflor®: Custom Modular Exhibit

Featuring an 11’ overhead structure with built-in spotlighting
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For the Healthcare Design Expo + Conference, Teknoflor® wanted to create an open, yet vibrant exhibit to maximize space for customer engagement while showcasing their most popular flooring product, Forestscapes HPD traditional wood look in Raven, which served as the foundation of their exhibit. The exhibit design is clean, yet warm and inviting. The exhibit features an 11’ tall overhead structure with built-in spotlighting for product enhancement. Light boxes with bold imagery were used on the outside walls to capture attention and draw visitors in.

Teknoflor®  is the source for dependable, durable and beautiful commercial resilient flooring in hospitals and medical clinics.



  • Modular system built with 11’ tall overarching structure with mounted spotlights
  • Exterior LED light boxes
  • Central meeting table with stools
  • Built-in custom cabinets
  • Extruded lightweight aluminum modular components
  • Fabric structures and graphics
  • Plywood used for stabilization and mounting of products and lighting
  • Sintra panels