Integrated Marketing

Inform your customers pre-show and follow-up after the show

Exhibit Systems is committed to designing an experience, on and off the trade show floor. Through our newest division, Results Marketing, you now have access to fully integrated marketing services.

From trade show promotion and follow-up to branding, marketing automation, email marketing and social media – we ensure you have a comprehensive, integrated strategy that connects you with your customers on and off the trade show floor.

Trade Show Marketing

Our marketing experts develop a strategic plan that includes complimentary tactics to generate buzz before, engage people during, and connect with attendees after a show.

Getting them to your booth is just the start. From booth staffing to engagement techniques – we own the in-booth game plan. The strategic use of push notifications, live streaming, and ongoing communication via social platforms during the show keep the momentum strong. Most importantly, we ensure we’ve collected the data needed to effectively follow up with new contacts.

Follow-up is a notoriously neglected step. Using effective data collection during the show prepares us to employ a well-rounded follow-up campaign, including marketing automation to qualify and nurture the leads you’ve gathered with personalized, relevant messages.

Integrated Marketing Services

Our capabilities extend well beyond the trade show environment. Our expertise is in delivering the right message via the right platform, at the right time to resonate with your customers and involves:

Strategic Planning: A Strategic Communications Plan is a foundational step on the path to communicating effectively in the marketplace. We can work with you to create a living, breathing document built with flexibility to adapt to new opportunities, changing circumstances, and ongoing feedback.

Branding: Our unique branding process begins with questions about your offering, the value your organization brings and what differentiates you from the competition. Armed with this information, along with industry trends and market factors, we create eye-catching design and a powerful brand so your customers know who you are…with one glance.

Digital Marketing: The online landscape is always shifting. We are nimble in our approach – adapting to the technology that is right for your business. Whether it’s CRM, Email Marketing, Social Media or Marketing Automation – we use technology as a means to an end: communicating your brand and message to your customers effectively.


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