Creative Services

Award-winning designers with years of experience

Exhibit Systems’ Creative Department consists of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the trade show and event industry. Our award winning designers are very up-to-date in their approach to exhibit design, with fresh looks and compelling solutions to assist you in building and reinforcing your brand.

When we sit down with you to work out your exhibit designs, we collaborate with your team to capture not only ideas but solutions to your exhibit graphics, digital content and brand messaging. We’ll get the juices flowing as we focus on smart, clear directions in your face-to-face marketing efforts. We’ll create the drawings to not only visualize your display but we’ll produce the drawings and layouts used in the construction and production of your booth display.

As you prepare for your next show, are you ready? Are you consistent in your brand messaging? Have you thought about your exhibit graphics? Pre-show mailers? Show themes? Do your show graphics match your brochures and website? We’ll review and consult with your team to ensure you’re exhibit is balanced and impactful, maximizing your exposure and allowing you to attract and retain customers on the show floor.

The balance between your trade show exhibit and your overall marketing campaign is critical to your position in the marketplace. Our objectives – review your strategy, get to know your audience, provide original, realistic ideas and produce top-quality results to help you build a better image.

Our job is to make you look good.


Provides outstanding face to face marketing solutions.


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