Online Asset Management

Real-time ordering and 24/7 web-based inventory access

On-Line Order Placement and Asset Management Technology

Our real-time on-line order placement software and asset management technology is user friendly and easy to deploy. It’s a powerful new web-based exhibit and event application software offering an ordering program, and a centralized system for trade show asset management. Its streamlined work process, coupled with client interaction portals, allows for 24/7 access anywhere, anytime, all in a secure, password protected environment. It will keep track of all your shows and maintain your inventory, keeping you in tune to all your show activity.

The inventory can include photographs and descriptions of your displays and products, and you can include files, drawings, and instructions.

You can enter show information such as location and booth number, and then pick your products from the inventory, with a shopping cart system that shows the current items selected. You can add the set up times, organize the show services and schedule the shipment, while receiving confirmations via e-mails for each step.

Your field reps can have access to the software to order the display components they need for regional shows. This easy to use program will allow you to manage your shows, save you money and organize your trade show properties.

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