Modular Designs

Lightweight materials with solid structural integrity

One of the latest trends in the trade show industry is the use of various lightweight materials that can be put together in different configurations. Remember the Tinker Toys we played with as kids? You could build an endless array of spaceships and forts, changing and adding to them as you went along. That’s the idea behind the modular exhibits we produce.

One of the most common materials we use is extruded aluminum, which is an extremely durable material and comes in many different sizes and shapes. When we produce new modular displays, we will incorporate these materials into the various designs to create exhibits that can perform in a variety of situations.

That’s the beauty of modular exhibits, the customer has the option of using the same parts and pieces and setting them up in different ways. We may start with a design for say a 10′ x 20′ space. The next show you may need a 20′ x 20′ display. We take the original exhibit, reconfigure the pieces, and add more components to increase the size to accommodate the larger booth.

Take a look at these ideas and you may just see something to get the creative juices flowing.

Sample Custom Modular Work

These reconfigurable exhibits can expand to meet your trade show needs but at a price significantly less than a traditional custom exhibit. They feature modular flexibility, solid but lightweight construction, and easy assembly; along with the choice of thousands of materials, textures and finishes.


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